What a Simple Area Code Can Tell You

One of the more frustrating things that we need to deal with is whenever we get a phone call repeatedly and are unaware where it is coming from.  There are several things, however, that can tip the hand of the individual who is calling you.  One of these is the area code.

Whenever the phone company first started to go with the new numerical system many years ago, they split up various areas of the country into a three digit area code.  There were 999 of these codes that were available, although they did not use them all up at that particular time.  Each area of the country was assigned to one area code, at times multiple area codes.

As the population continued to grow and more phones came into existence, additional area codes were used as a result.  That is why you might have one single area code that takes up an entire city or you might have an area code that spans across several smaller towns and perhaps some medium-size cities as well.  It is also possible that one single city will incorporate more than one area code if there are enough telephones existing within the city to warrant it.

Cellular telephones also added to the number of pin code barrackpore that were in use and many of these are specifically used for cell phones.  Another thing that has added to the number of area codes that are in use are fax lines, especially in use with businesses.  That is why it is not always a simple matter of looking up the area code in order to find out who it is that has been calling you.

One thing that the area code can tell you, however, is where the individual is calling from.  This is often a region and it may span more than one state in some instances.  It is very rare, however, that it will incorporate an extremely large area of the country any longer as there are too many cell phones and land lines and use in order for that to be the case.  You can use the area code in order to get a rough idea of where the individual is calling from.

If you would like to nail it down a little bit further, there are searches that are available on the Internet which help you reverse engineer a phone number and find out exactly who it is that has been calling you.  If they were calling from a landline, this information is commonly available to the public but cellular telephone information is not always available because of privacy issues.

The best thing that you can do is to look for this information on the Internet and if you are unable to find it, pay a small fee in order to hire someone to find it for you.  Although it is unfortunate that you might have to pay something in order to find out this information, it is the only way that you are guaranteed to do so.